Friday, 12 January 2018

Turquoise Hooded Faux Fur and Rose-detailed Boots + Getting my dream item


coat: Mango / jumper: Gina Tricot / jeggings: Cubus / bag: Second-hand / boots: Skopunkten

This is the coat of my dreams and I almost didn't get it as when it came on sale and I noticed it and was going to put it in my basket it was sold out! Then a few weeks later I was scrolling through Mango's website I saw it, staring at me and I immediately put the coat in my basket and ordered it. Now I'm a happy Very happy owner this coat and couldn't be happier with it, have been wearing it everyday since getting it. It's actually warm and doesn't just look like it and is so soft and luscious I can barely stand it. My dream item is now mine.

Have you got any dream items you have thought you wouldn't get or have by a chance gotten?


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