Saturday, 27 January 2018

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Monday, 22 January 2018

The blog has moved to Nouw!

Hi everyone! The blog has currently moved on to another blogging site I'm trying it out for now we'll see what's going to come in the future.

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Camel Coat and A Burgundy Turtleneck Jumper


beanie: H&M / coat: Second-hand / jumper: Second-hand / trousers: Bikbok / bag: Second-hand / shoes: Second-hand

It has truly become a Winter Wonderland around here in the last two weeks but we'll probably have to say goodbye to it later this week when it's about to sleet and rain like nobody's business.

So I'm trying to take advantage of my off-days and the light that has started to appear during the day and the lovely scenery of white and take at least some photos outside instead of the hallway even though I somehow dig them myself. Maybe it's the red walls(?).

Jumpers, jumpers, JUMPERS! I'm an absolute jumper person, I just get drawn to them. I love how they feel, how they look and the fact that the weather in Finland almost demands a jumper most of the year it's nice to have loads of them. It's funny how I love them and think they look good on me but my boyfriend thinks they're the most unflattering thing a person can wear after overalls but still puts up with my jumper-addiction and how they take most room in our bedroom out of all other clothes other than dresses which he absolutely approves and doesn't complain about none what so ever. Not a surprise hahah.


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Dusty Pink Faux Fur and Brown Riding Boots


beanie: H&M / faux fur: H&M / knit: FB Sister / trousers: Bikbok / bag: Second-hand / boots: Second-hand

Today's style was calling for comfort and warmth. That's what I piled on me before we went to the mall to make some purchases for our brand new dishwasher and food for the weekend. Still need some hooks for the hangers of my plants to give them a better shot at getting some light treatment at this dark time of the year. I'm already dreading the upcoming week when it's said to go under -10 celsius. Yikes. I've gotten too used to the light degrees from -3 to 5.

But to the outfit. I also had a scarf wrapped around my neck and it made my boyfriend say I look like a damn toddler in this outfit. He said it was because of the scarf but I think it's because when the roads are all frozen and slippery I tend to waddle like a tiny penguin. Well nevertheless I'm loving this look and this faux fur is so perfectly extra I just adore it to the bits. Looks so me.

Any weird comments you've gotten on your outfits from your s/o, friends or family?