Tuesday, 16 January 2018

5 bad habits I am trying to get better at this year


coat: Second-hand + Zara / trousers: Bikbok / bag: Second-hand / shoes: Skopunkten

We all have habits we're not proud of but very often just brush aside. I'm going to list here some of mine which I desire to change for good this year.

1. I pick on my skin - If I have pimples or scabs or anything on my skin I tend to pick on it either consciously or unconsciously. Trying to change the conscious part so maybe the the unconscious one will also decrease

2. Overt shopping - I love clothes, and fashion, and pretty things. This means I also buy them as if I absolutely need them. Lately I have been trying to find some pretty much perfect items to replace okay ones and I am going to sell or donate to charities the ones which I am not completely sold on.

3. Throwing out veggies that have gone bad in the fridge instead of using them in time - I like veggies a lot but I really hate chopping and peeling them (why I use frosted veggies pre-chopped etc.) So very often I end up with not so fresh items in the fridge. Going to get more motivated on using the items before going bad.

4. I leave teeny tiny trashes around the apartment - On the tables and counter tops there are very often found receipts, clothes tags, candy papers anything small and papery. It drives my boyfriend crazy so I'm trying to get better at throwing them immediately to the trash.

5. Leaving the lights on when I leave the house - This is mainly because I feel bad leaving our cat alone in the dark. But it loses electricity and cats can see in the dark...

Do you have any bad or undesirable habits you wish to get rid of? 


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