Friday, 19 January 2018

Fluffy Jumper and Vinyl Skirt


jumper: FB sister / skirt: Amisu / bag: Second-hand / tights: H&M / shoes: Second-hand

Loving this outfit so much! Immediately when I pieced these items together in my head yesterday I just couldn't wait to get them on me today. The contrast between the materials is noticeable but not conflicting and the outfit is extremely comfortable, I just want to live in this jumper this winter. And the vinyl skirt fits like a glove but I don't have to squeeze myself into it and it doesn't press anywhere. Heaven. 

The final touches of the suede boots and the pearl headband plus the black and white geometric bag and glitter tights just compliment everything so well that I feel very pleased with myself. This has got to be my fave outfit of this winter so far(!?) and it doesn't have colours in it? What's going on? Oh well some ensembles just hit it home so hard. 

+ I dyed my hair a week ago back to the pink ends I had last year. Feeling so in love with the change and going back to something that works fairly well with me and my style. 



  1. This look is so on point!

    Have a great weekend xx