Friday, 15 December 2017

Things that make me HAPPY at the moment


 - CHRISTMAS! Of course, I'm a total Christmas freak and rejoice when it's December
- Christmas playlists, look above

- My new shorter and darker hair. Had this sort of do last time when I was 18 and I feel so at home in it there's nothing else. Very glad I decided to chop the last five cms off
- My skin. I'ts feeling a lot better, only a few breakouts and scars atm which makes me feel so much better about myself
- New jewellery and watches. Especially these rosegold beauties in the pictures, have finally somewhat realized the meaning of accesorizing

 - Cleaner apartment. Finally I have managed to clean the heck out of this place, still some to do but far better than it was earlier this week 
- My little Boo boy, makes me happy all the time but I wanted to mention him as well <3
- Christmas lights in our home. Have bought led candles and other decor for the darkest time of the year to brighten our nights (and days the sun goes down earlier and earlier but happily soon it's the other way round)

- My light therapy lamp. My parents got me this lovely piece of equipment earlier this fall and it has made the days far easier to manage, at least I feel like it
- The snow! It's so much prettier and I love the brisk weather even if it means I need to be more careful when walking around but that's something I'm glad to pay for the view

What makes you happy at the moment? I'd love to hear them!


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