Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Red Beret and Teddycoat in a Blizzard


beret: Second-hand / scarf: Second-hand / coat: Amisu / blouse: Second-hand / pants: Second-hand / boots: Second-hand / bag: Second-hand /

Hello dears! Long time no post, first it was the shock of coming back home and then week ago I got really sick and am currently suffering from laryngitis so posting hasn't been my top choice as I've felt very crappy. But today we had a date with my bf and went to have lunch and shopping (which he didn't enjoy one bit) and came home for some nice hot coffee and Futurama. So I felt like dressing up nicely and I truly love the outcome, other than my hair got all poofy from the blizzard and snow and my shoes got wet, but those are little things to worry, otherwise the outfit is a bomb!

It's nice to feel genuinely happy about life and being excited over things small and large. The holiday time couldn't have come in a better time and I'm enjoying it to the bits and as much as I can for the next weeks.

How has your life been lately and are you as excited as I am over the holiday season?


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