Saturday, 23 December 2017

New signature fragrance


blouse: Mango / jeans: H&M / watch: Second-hand / fragrance: H&M

Fresh, light, soft, slightly mature... that's what my new favourite fragrance is like. Previously I have been using on-off Marc Jacobs' fragrances I have gotten as a late teen and after that men's fragrances for a while. But the basics have been: there has to be a little musk in there somewhere most preferably or something similar earthy and soft and freshness is also desirable, I've never wanted to smell like a a fruity punch, not like me at all. 

When I went to visit H&M earlier this week I saw that they had fargrances on sale. I had earlier been trying them and had been thinking of getting a new signature fragrance since the ones I had remind me too much of high school. At the first try I was completely sold for this one called Cashmere haze, it is neutral yet my boyfriend finds it very feminine. I decided to buy it and it has been 3 euros well spent. Need to go stock up on it if they still got it since I think this will be here for a long run!

Do you have signature fragrances? Or do you like to switch it up from time to time?


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