Thursday, 30 November 2017

Acne Flare-up and It's Effects on Me + A Bit of Body Image


bag: Second-hand / blouse: H&M / bra: H&M / culottes: Second-hand+DIY / shoes: Second-hand

*This time only in English*

Hi everyone! We are on our last full day here at Las Palmas and these are photos of my outfit for yesterday evening. As you can see I feel happy and joyful even though my skin doesn't look like it's best. Since coming here my acne completely flared-up and my face especially chin got covered in achy and big breakouts. It's probably because of the sun, sweat and sunscreen combined and has had me a bit down. But I didn't want it to affect my stay here and ruin my so far so good holiday. 

Otherwise I really like how I look in these photos, I look cute and happy, but the acne and uneven skin makes me look at these and think I'm an ugly duckling. And the second thought I get is: Why?! When I see acne on some other person I think nothing about it, but on myself it makes me feel really self-conscious and un-confident. But why must it be so? I try to change my perspective and look at myself and not feel bad about how my skin or my body looks. I want to wear whichever clothes I find pretty and nice looking and wear makeup to accentuate my looks and make them stand out. 

But as I have suffered from a bad self-image and hated my body for so long it's a long journey to somewhere where I can say I truly love it. Right now I'm on a self-accepting phase, I accept myself as I am at this moment, but I can't say I like it. I use this blog as one platform for self-love and a form to grow as a person. I want to show myself as I am and help myself and others with finding their own style and learning about myself at the same time.


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